OEREND HARD 5th anniversary edition


This August 4 and 5 Skateboard Federation Netherlands and Skateboard Club ‘De Fabriek’ will host the 5th anniversary edition of ‘Oerend Hard in Oldenzaal’. Since 1979, a very special skatepark is situated on a natural slope in the beautiful recreational area ‘Het Hulsbeek’. The skatepark has
2 different downhill runs: A straight downhill, banked on both sides and.
the world renowned legendary snakerun. On this super fast run with banks, bumps and corners skaters push gravity and themselves to find their speed
limit: Oerend Hard!

This is the time and place for the best old school, new school, in-between-school grassroots skateboarding event of the year: Full speed and laid back! The recreational area is only 30 feet away from the park and offers swimming water, sunny meadows and shady trees. What’s even better, skaters can camp right next to the park. DJ combo’s Captain Redbeard & Dirty Lizzy and Huhat Gajeidan & Khaankirhaaht will take care of the sounds and beats all weekend.

At the top of the snakerun a 10 foot quarterpipe will be built so contestants can launch themselves into the downhill with warp speed. The Oerend Hard contest will have 6 winners:

Snakerun Speed: Who’s the fastest down the snakerun. All 4 past editions were won by local Dennis Hemmekam from Hengelo, making him the king of Oerend Hard so far. Who will go for his crown?

Snakerun Boardercross: 3 Men/women start simultaneously down the snakerun.
On the way down, anything goes: kicking, hitting, spitting, biting etcetera. A brutal race that only one can win.

Best Line Downhill Banks: Who does the most, hardest, most stylishly smooth and spectacular tricks on the banked downhill?

Jumpramp: A classic – the fly-off contest! Who soars the highest and has the best tricks and style? Judo air anyone?

Best Trick Banks ‘n Bumps: The banks & bumps area has some interesting features of its own, supplemented by Bram’s extra obstacles. Who’s the king of style in this part?

Catamaran: 2 Person combos start at the top of the banked downhill, sitting on their butts with their feet on each other’s boards. Pusherman Hans van Dorssen makes sure every team gets the speed they deserve an off they go to fly over the finish and. through the air. Fastest team wins.

Visit the Oerend Hard web site www.oerendhard.net to get an impression of the previous editions. This one is not to be missed!

Note to the editor: You are most welcome to visit this event, please contact

Peter Valkema

Media Skateboard Federation Netherlands
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