This has got to be one of the coolest pool stories I’ve got to
tell. We learned a valuable lesson at this pool. It never hurts to ask.

See, me and Mike have been cruising the West San Fernando Valley the last few
months searching for pools. After stopping at a camera store, Mike said
he saw a pool up the street from there, so we hopped back into the car
and began driving up the street. We were looking hard. We saw a diving
board on the side of a house where some construction was going on so we
jumped out to check on the pool. DAMN! it’s in the middle of getting finished.
Around the next corner we see the same scenario and ask the workers if
there’s a pool. “No hablo Ingles!” Mike starts to go for the side of the
house then turns around when he realizes the people are home. We still
haven’t gotten to this featured pool, but that’s what we get to next.

Mike McKinnis throwing up some smooth carves under the blue California skies.

He spots the house and we jump out to the sidewalk and look over the
fence. Oh man, it looks good. We try to take in as much of it as we can
from the sidewalk since the people who live there are probably home. What
should we do? Jump the fence? Leave it for another day? Ask the home owner? 
We finally talked ourselves into knocking on the door and asking what they’d
think and if we could have a look. We fully expected to be denied but instead
they said go ahead and take a look. What a beauty! It had 2 large cracks
in the side walls so it couldn’t hurt the pool at all if we rode it. Now
it was time to put on a good face and convince Suzanne to let us film and
ride the pool.  She was really cool as long as we signed a waiver
and didn’t destroy her backyard. Arrangments were made to come back by
on Saturday and get the party started. 

Click here for the Video clip of Mike pulling a super carve over the light and love seat.

Many thanks to Suzanne for her hospitality and trust, we had a great day.


A prize jewel in the rough.
“Can’t that thing pump any faster?!”

Mike and Ron yelling at me to get back to work!
Once the pump get clogged up it’s time to get dirty. (This shit stank!)

The deeper we got the more beautiful smooth transitions were uncovered.

Too bad you can't see all the bugs crawling through this nightmare.
Even under this muck, the transitions cleaned right up.

Ron making a swift transfer from Deep to Shallow.

Me getting the first grind on this stiff virgin coping.