Creature - Slapshot MD Everslick 8.35 Skateboard Deck

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Creature - Slapshot MD Everslick 8.35 Skateboard Deck

Resurrected from the grave of the 90s, Creature Skateboards is proud to release their completely re-engineered Everslick board series. Everslick skateboards are guaranteed to slide faster and farther then a regular deck without sacrificing board feel or pop.
The "Slapshot LG Everslick is a solid all round shape, perfect for the park, street, or a ripper who prefers a wider board. Set this new Everslick up and get ready for longer and faster slides on any surface all while keeping it pure f#cking evil. Lurk with us.

Wheelbase: 15 in
Length: 32.19 in
Width: 8.35 in

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