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This park is all about the snake run. It's different from the typical snakeruns I've seen in photos in that it has no pitch, so it's equally skateable in both directions. It's pretty long, but only around 3 ft tall with rounded concrete lip instead of coping in most places making it easy to roll in and out for skaters of all skill levels. There are like a kajillion lines in this thing and lots of hips to pump, so you can get some nice, smooth speed here. What I've found interesting is that the snakerun is heavily skated by every type of skater that comes here - street skating teenagers, young kid beginners, old dudes like me. You can't say that about most skatepark obstacles. Because of that, I think that features like this type of snakerun are the future of skatepark design. Or at least they should be. Big props to Wormhoudt for the design on this. Note: a smaller snakerun of this style, also designed by Wormhoudt, is in the Lathrop, CA park about 75 mins south of Wild Rose. Worth checking out.

Street section is small but pretty good I guess. Hard for me to rate as I don't skate street.

- located in a nice new park in a new development
- there are water fountains in the park
- "grime factor"- very low
- check out the overview video above or use this link:
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