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(Updated: August 18, 2017)
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I was slightly disappointed when i visited here for the first time. The spine sends you straight into some concrete benches and almost no run up to hit it the other way. The micro mini ramp is sketchy but skate-able. The 4ft mini is pretty much un-skateable because of the kinks at the bottom of the transitions. The quarter pipe has a flatbank on the other side to form a sketchy box jump. 2 of the rails have a kicker ramp that allows someone on a bmx to grind the rail without hopping. There's the usual a-frame shaped ledge, micro transitions and a sketchy pyramid. Only worth going if your going to Salisbury beach. Otherwise go to Newburyport (unless you ride bmx since that place bans bikes)
Skatepark Tours: Salisbury, MA
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