Belchertown - Belchertown, Massachusettes, U.S.A.

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86 State St.
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In back of the teen center and Belchertown police station.




Belchertown skate park has a mini half pipe now most of the wood is skate lite now. it also has two chunks ill send pics soon.

This skatepark sucks overall. It was made by the school committee to get the kids off the street and into a safe place to is in back of a teen center and a police station...hhaha. It is all wood and metal lips to the ramps. 15" quarter pipe, no mini quarter pipe! that is what sux. There is a fun box w/ rail and ledge, 7" spine, all the quarter pipes suck because the coping is about as big as a full pipe (you could skate in the coping), well it just sux. I live here so I am forced to practice on this trash.


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This park gets a four when taken in context. If you are coming here, you either grew up nearby or you are just a lunatic. Either way, this park can be fun. The pictures here are old, the ark looks more modern and as listed; most of the surfaces are covered with skate lite, a top quality and expensive matierial. And the matter of the park being behind the police station: what a great idea. I have seen so many parks decay and become festering sores never cared for. You can't ignore this park if you live in the city. It feels safe and I've seen kids tear it up. It's like a mini tournament park with banks to a very wall. Huge pyramid, mini half and boxes&trails. 2 mini and mega movable spines and a big bank into the mini half. Sadly, as the description reads, there are no mini quarters, which does just suck and you probably shouldn't go there you might get arrested.
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