Independent Stage 10 159 Silver Trucks

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Independent Stage 10 159 Silver Trucks
(1 set of 2 trucks)

159s are unquestionably the best combination of features and geometry Independent has ever produced.

By combining the best modern performance features and iconic look of our Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry based on Independent Stages 5-7, offering superior turning and stability, Independent has again created a truck to which all others will be judged.

New 159s feature lightweight Hollow Body hangers with No Hang-up Yoke and Pivot Cavity, heavy duty 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles and Grade 8 Kingpins.

Every component has been carefully designed and tested to be responsive, light weight, and durable.

159s have 156mm hangers with 8.75 inch axles and are 55mm tall at center axle.

Independent trucks are Guaranteed for Life!


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