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  • Mt. Trashmore Skatepark- Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.

Mt. Trashmore Skatepark- Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.

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Mt. Trashmore Skatepark- Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.

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Mt Trashmore Park Rd
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Virginia Beach
From Rt. 64 E. look for the Mt. Trashmore signs around exit 19. Follow signs to Mt. Tmore after the exit. You will be turning left into Tmore. Less than 2 miles from exit to park Ent. From 64 W. Exit Independence blvd. Follow signs.



062909: I'd gotten to check this place out finally. It's cool when it doesn't rain. That always puts a damper on the wooden parks or any parks for that matter. I was gonna skate this place 2 days prior, but yes, it rained. So I'd gotten here this morning and it opens at 8:00AM sharp. You have to sign in and get a wristband. You must have a helmet on before you enter the park and it has to be on the whole time in the park. Pads aren't required.

Upon entering, I'd noticed that the whole park is pretty much wooden. You have a concrete lot with wooden quarters and funboxes, a couple of rails, a picnic table and a wooden kidney-shaped bowl. I'm used to skating concrete parks and I wasn't quite sure about the wood. It seemed fine with my 101A wheels. I did some warming up on the quarter pipes before I hit the wooden bowl. This bowl was really fun. It's probably about 7' deep. Outside of this enclosed fenced-in park is the huge halfpipe. This halfpipe's got some major vert. It's huge. It reminds me of the halfpipe VB had back in the 80's.

So if yer comin' down to VB to vacation and/or to skate, make sure you have your helmet, 8:00AM sharp, and if the weather's gonna be about 103 heat index, hang it up, the park's gonna be closed as well as any other inclement weather.

Noki Skates


Just a quick update on the status of Trashmore's apparatus:

1. Spring of 2006 they built a 40 foot wide 13-1/2 foot metal framed vert ramp with nice counter sunk mounting screws on all the skatelite riding surface. The locals will inspire you to slip on the old knee pads and commence the weightless vert session. You just have to get the kids out of the flat bottom doing fakies..."take turns people"

2. The bowl burnt down about 4 months ago and it's been completely rebuilt.

3. Mt Trashmore is free, you just have to wear your lid. If you stop by in the morning, it's uncrowded.

4. The bmx bikes are still plentiful but most of them don't hit the vert ramp.

Randall Fisher

Awesome with a pool and street course. It's not wood, not concrete has a spine fun box and nice.

(2/8/2004) - This park is small with modular wood ramps on a concrete pad and one wood pool. After five months the ramps are pitted and cracked from weather and unrestricted bmx use. There has not been a single time I have skated this park without it being crowded. The layout is tight, unispired and there is no grom area or mellow old dude area. Despite this the locals are trying to make lemonade out of lemons as the park is getting 300 (according to the city) visitors a day! Do not go out of your way to hit this park unless you want to work on your bmx/skateboard doubles routine or slalom between the water seeping through the concrete pad. Might be worth it if you must skate a bowl NOW or you want to marval at the desire of the locals to skate anything.

VB has commited to a doubling of the size and maybe a concrete bowl by the end of 2004. This town is way behind the rest of the world when it comes to public parks and doing a bad job of catch up. Government has failed it's taxpayers and their kids, again.

- comvortex


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