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  • Park City Skate Park - Park City, Utah, U.S.A.

Park City Skate Park - Park City, Utah, U.S.A.

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Park City Skate Park - Park City, Utah, U.S.A.

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Park City Skate Park
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Sullivan Road
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Park City
I'm sorry I don't have exact directions, but it isn't hard to find. Get directions to Park City from the internet. Exit hwy 40 at the Park City exit. When you come into town, you can stop at the Maverick gas station and get directions; it isn't far from there at all--just a couple blocks. It opens at 8:00 AM.


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Park City is by far the best park in Utah. The guys that told me that Logan was better than Park City had not actually been to both parks. Logan is a nice park, but Park City is great. It's comparable to Fontana CA. or Coronado CA. The bowl complex they have is totally unique--unlike anything I've seen anywhere else. The big wall in the deep end has pool coping, too. It doesn't look any bigger than the round at Fontana, but some of the local kids swore that it is 10' deep. At any rate it is plenty tall.

The street course looked decent, but I didn't skate it at all. (There is also a big square half bowl at the end of the street course.) There are endless lines to be found in the big bowl complex. There is the biggest bowl at one end and a nice little rectangle pocket at the other. In between those there are two or three half bowls (two of them separated by a spine) that all face a nice sized quarter pipe wall. There is metal coping all around, except on the big wall where it is pool coping (that still looks relatively untouched even after a few years).

There are so many corners and hips that face each other in this thing, it is unbelievable. All the trannies are smooth and fast. You can drop in almost anywhere and get plenty of speed to go anywhere else in the bowl complex. (I don't know what else to call it, it's like a whole series of square bowls all connected and flowing into each other.)

This park is extremely shreddable. If you are anywhere near it and want to hit a good park, do not miss this one. It's even road-trip worthy because it is so unique. I heard some stories about the Birdhouse team passing through recently. I'm sure they blew the place up. Anyone that likes to go fast and hit big will have tons of fun at this place.

(These pictures don't do it justice. Sorry they are a bit glared out.)

- Nathan Westbrook


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