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Top Hat Tuesdays D Town Madness
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Fast, tall, cold.
Land, slam, bail by running out of the trick or by sliding on the knees... maybe even on the rear end down the ramp.

Be very alert when riding at this skate park... A slight mess up can lead somebody to the hospital very quickly.

This skate park is built to last.

Checkout the park prior to riding the park, there is sand/gravel/rocks that usually get blown on top of the ramps and inside of the bowls.

getting stuck on a rock while on top of the ramp can cause somebody to fall down the entire ramp/bowl.
getting stuck on a rock while going up the ramp can lead some body to falling into the ramp.

There is also pieces of glass around the area. So please be careful while skateboarding here.
Very well built and very enjoyable.

I dropped in switch on the vert wall near the very entrance.
That was fun, scary, and exciting.

I recommend at least a helmet when skateboarding at this park.

Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, extra layers of clothing, and a hydrating lunch.
Also bring personal bathroom items, even a first aid kit.

This skate park is fun and is more so for the level of the advanced.
However anybody can learn and have an enjoyable experience, but please be careful as there are many athletes of whom go really fast as this skate park is quite large and is kind of paved as a connected 'speed' run.

Be careful when pumping up and down the ramps and even occasionally use a mouth piece.

Tends to have BMX riders, Skateboarders, & Scooters.

Please Enjoy, and remember to take turns.

The local shredders can put on an amazing show.
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