Fontana Skate Park - Fontana, California, U.S.A.

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Fontana Skate Park - Fontana, California, U.S.A.

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Fontana Skate Park
Opening Date
November 30, 2001
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16581 Filbert Avenue
Postal Code
From Interstate 10W (Past I 15) get off the hwy. at Citrus. Head north to San Bernardino and take a right. Take a left on Juniper and it'll be on your left hand side.Located at 16581 Filbert Avenue.


Phone Number
(909) 823 - 8751

Fontana. Home of race tracks, meth labs, smog, great hole-in-the wall Mexican restaurants, and one fine skatepark. Personally, I think Chino is better, and since I gave Chino an 8, Fontana should really be an 8-minus. Go cry me a river if you have any issues with that.

Pros - opens early, lights for night sessions, unsupervised, some of the best concrete finish work in SoCal, the clover bowl is speedy fast and it has lots of workable lines, and you're bound to see some of the Sacrifice crew there.

Cons - stupid waste of money fingerboard park, pads required, no pool coping, the intermediate bowls are simply a waste of concrete, and it gets a little hot in the summer.

Overall, the park has some shortcomings, but I still think that the clover is one of the best bowls in SoCal (even though it's too shallow for most rippers).

For you out of town folks, the Fontana-Upland-Chino trifecta should not be missed.

M. Takahashi


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Finally a city stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun for a skatepark. Fontana, as unlikely as it may be, accomplished an exceptional skatepark. The best in the Southland (up to date) that is a city owned community based park.

From largest to smallest... There is a vertical bowl at about 9 feet deep that has 2 smaller brothers attached at about 7 and 4 feet deep. Carve freely between them all and blast lines through out these bowl. Then there is a great intermediate sized bowl that flows into a large pyramid ledge contraption which will turn you towards some smaller bowled out banks or back into the deeper bowl.

Adjacent to that skate area is a small beginner bowl. What a novel idea! (duh) have a fun beginner bowl for the smaller kids to learn in so they don't get plowed over by the older guys/girls flying through the park. Even better than that they have another even smaller beginner bowl (not pictured).

At the north end of the park is a really cool street course. Slants, banks, and rails (even a whoopty rail copy from Newberg Oregon) to bust out all the best street tricks on. In the center of the park there are 2 shade awnings because this place will be scorching hot in the summer. You'll also find possibly the best free public fingerboard skatepark ever made. It even has a full pipe!

The layout, flow, perfect transitions, coping, and open riding area make this park a must hit if in So.Cal. It's always way more fun writing up a good park than a bad one and we hope there will be many more good ones.
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