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Saratoga Springs skatepark - saratoga springs, New York, U.S.A.

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saratoga springs skatepark
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Thanks for the site, the best resource. Just a little correction/update on the Saratoga Springs park in NY. Most important is the pool is a Sloppy Sam/Breaking Ground project. The pool replaced one of the oldest park vert ramps in the northeast. Somehow it got mislabeled as wormhoudt. It is a legit back yard pool (not bowl) tucked into a shitty municipal skate park. The trannies are tight, the vert for real, and all block coping. People in the know travel to sk8 this one. Next the rest of the Park is no longer crappy wood ramps with rusty metal (R.I.P.) no we have gone one step worse it now ice rink slick pre-fab painted metal ramps with no tranny. There is no reason to go to the park except the pool but the pool is worth the drive especially if your warmed up at Bondville, VT and want to get a tighter and steeper.

street course made of wood and skate lite, couple tables and rails, a 4 or 5 foot mini, whole street course is slow and boring, but tucked away in the corner of this aweful wooden park is a beautiful cement backyard pool style bowl with a super tight 4foot shallow and a 8 or 9 foot deep end with a good foot of vert, cement coping all the way around, this bowl is the only reason worth coming to this park


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The fill was removed from the pool a few years ago and is currently skateable. This park is all about the backyard-style pool built by Breaking Ground in 2003. This is a good approximation of the backyard pool skating experience and is one of the [very] few of its kind on the east coast. It's not for the faint of heart - pretty gnarly drop in on the 4 ft section is required and the shallow ends have super tight trannies. Pool coping all around. A section of the coping is busted up and I hear there are plans to repair it soon[ish].

Here's a video overview I filmed of this park (same as the one above): https://youtu.be/MX5uaifLFVE

- The rest of the park is modular metals ramps that are not worth talking about.
- Located in a nice park in Saratoga Springs.
- Grime factor: very low
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I don't skate but my kids are learning and this has been a great park to take them to so they can learn in a safe environment. A lot of the local skaters have helped my kids get up the nerve to drop in on the half pipe and try some tricks.

Just wanted to provide an update as there is a lot of FUD here. First, the park is now free and open from sunrise to sunset year-round. Bring a shovel in the winter. All the obstacles are painted-over steel. The surfaces can get pretty slippery. The pool has been cleared out and you can skate it.

I've uploaded so photos if you want to get an idea of what the whole park looks like.
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Saratoga Springs Skatepark, East Side Recreational Facility New York
Great kidney shaped cement pool w/coping .... 'cept for a small problem: the city filled it with dirt in '10 (see "save the skatepark" on Facebook). Until we dig it out there are a smattering of ARC steel ramps with a small quarter pipe. As of 10.2011 the City is moving forward with plans to dig out the pool and establish a skate at your own risk policy with no supervision like just about everywhere else in NY State.
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They filled in the pool. All that is left is the prefab crap and i suspect that's gonna get removed soon too. Don't bother going.
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