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Greenhurst Skatepark/ The Barn - Mt. Pleasant

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Greenhurst Skatepark/ The Barn - Mt. Pleasant

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Greenhurst Skatepark/ The Barn
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Greenhurstlane and Oakland Mills Road
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Mt. Pleasant
If you are in Mt. Pleasant go south on Oakland Mills Road about 2 miles out of town. If in Oakland Mills go north toward Mt. Pleasant about 1 mile. Either way you should run into Greenhurstlane to the west of the road. It also has a big sign sayin GREENHURST AUTOS, SKATEPARK, ATV TRACK, and DAIRY FARM. Go down the lane ( its a dead end) and check in at the yellow house or garage next to it.

Packed in the attic of a barn this place is more than most people could imagine. Since they milk cows below there is a strong smell but its definetaly worth it. The whole park is vert and usually not the best place for beginners. The coping is perfectly set into the lips of the ramps which enables you to hit any grind you want. The park features: 6ft quarter pipe 32 ft wide6ft spine 24 ft wide5ft tabletop spine 4ft wide3 1/2ft roller 4 ft wide6ft roll-in 4ft wide6ft quarter pipe 20ft wide 7ft extension off of the 6ft, which is 8ft wide12ft half pipe 32ft wideand last a 4ft bowlThere is hardly ever anyone there mainly because there are very few skaters in the area. So you can skate freely all day. It only costs 3 dollars for the whole day, even if you leave and then come back. Bring your own refreshments because the nearest store is in town about 3 miles away. Helmets are required, but like all of the other rules there, it isnt enforced. The park was built by Danny ? who lives and works on the farm. He usually stops by if someone is skating so make sure you thank him for his effort, it took him over a year to build, which he did all by himself with his own money. Oh and if you bike there are no pegs allowed. - dbthing


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This park is so fun. The drive out and the climb up makes it all the more impressive, and then you start to skate. The surfaces are all redone (except the bowl) so they are smooth fast and easy. The copings are perfect and the angles aren't to sharp. The cows can be heard mooing and rats might run in front of you (you can hear them under the ramp) and bat poop everywhere, but there is a broom or two lying around (at least when I went there was). Donate well, this guy put in a lot of work and he did it right. Whether you can actually skate well or not, it is definitely worth seeing ust for the sake of itself.
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Just skated this barn today. The guy who owns it just resurfaced the spine ramp and vert ramp with new masonite. They are in really good shape. The spine ramps is a lot of fun and pretty fast. The surface is a bit dusty, but what do you expect? It is in a barn. When not in use, the owner keeps large plastic tarps over the ramps to protect them from the leaky roof. If you go by yourself, it would be pretty difficult to take the tarps off and put them back alone. Luckily, i had some help. The fee is basically a donation. There is a box mounted on the wall. It can be a little tough to find, especially as the sign described above is now obscured by some trees. If you live in eastern Iowa or western Illinois, it is definitely worth checking out. I plan on going back often. :)
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