Vail Skatepark

Modular ramp skatepark split into three distinct sections: Small, Large, and Mini Ramp. On top of a parking garage with rough concrete and lots of cracks going straight across. Not usually crowded, locals are friendly, lots of little kids roll through on bikes though, so you might have to watch out for them. Small Section: -Very mellow 2′ quarter -Small bank to curb like obstacle -10″ high by 7′ long manny pad/ledge with 18″ ledge extensions, one down and one flat on opposite ends. -Small 2′ wallride with concrete coping. -A big crack people like to do flat ground tricks or wall ride over Fun warm up stuff, not really for total beginners though, except for the quarter. Big Section: -A bunch of 4′-6′ quarters and taller banks, plenty quarter to bank transfer options -mellow roll-in -Large bank to wallride with concrete coping, in between two quarters -Hip funbox with ledge on top -funbox with 12″ round flat down rail, 10″ ledge, 18″ ledge, 18″ hubba, 2′ flat handrail, step up Mini Ramp: -5′ with two 6′ extensions -can transfer from ramp to rollin or bank of the big section -deck large enough for manuals and laybacks