Rotary Skate Park – Coolidge, AZ

The Coolidge Skatepark is not always open; the first time I stopped here (in April 2018), it was temporarily closed due to graffiti and trash problems. Last week (December 2018), I swung by again, and found it open. Inside, there is a rather sizable, concrete, left-hand “pseudo kidney” that probably doesn’t get skated much, as evidenced by the stagnant water and trash collecting in the deep end. The bowl has a shallow end in the 4-5′ range, with an 8-9′ deep end, and looks like it might be a bit of fun (for an expert-level skater) if it were cleaned out and dried up. The “street” area is dominated by large banks on one end that frame an eight-stair gap (with very tall handrails) between them, a 6′ high quaterpipe on the other end, with a set of banks in the middle making a big platform with rails, boxes, and hubbas going across it. Everything is on the “big” side, but flows remarkably well. It’s probably not worth a road trip in itself, but might be worth the quick diversion form the I-17 between Phoenix and Tucson, just to check it out, along with the Indian reservation skatepark(s) up in nearby Sacaton. -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples