Huachuca City Skatepark, Huachuca City, AZ, USA

Huachuca City is a very small town about eight miles north-northwest of Sierra Vista, on AZ Hwy 90. The skatepark here is pretty typical of most small-town skateparks: metal ramps (made by American Ramp Company) on a small, flat slab- this particular slab being a former tennis court. The mini ramp is about 3′ tall, with 1′ extensions, and 12′ wide (the 3′ section being 8′ wide, and the 4′ section the remaining 4′ of width). It’s smooth, but a bit narrow; the extensions create obstacles of the less enjoyable kind on this particular ramp. There’s also a bank ramp that forms a hip with the mini ramp, the typical bank-to-bank hubba-and-handrail combo, and a large quarterpipe at the opposite end of the park, with a bench and a kinked rail tossed in to finish it off. It’s not much to skate, really, but it’s more than you might expect in such a small township. -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples. Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.