Copper Sky Skate Plaza – Maricopa, Arizona, USA

This skatepark is very “street plaza” in nature, with quite a few nicely designed and executed street obstacles (rails, boxes, bumps, wedges, quarter pipes, et cetera) that flow together well, and are efficiently packed into a fairly small space. There is also a very short “snake run” that mostly serves to propel skaters out of the obstacle area, and back onto the raised “takeoff platform” that serves as the starting point for lines through the park. The park was clearly designed to flow well from obstacle to obstacle, even though there’s virtually no transition anywhere to be found(besides the snake run, a small quarter pipe in one corner, and a “taco” shaped wedge ramp in the other corner). Great for street skaters, the typical bowlrider will opt for Pecos (in Phoenix) instead, a solid fifteen miles away. Probably not worth a long drive or an extended road trip, but might be worth a quick stop if you’re a street skater that happens to be passing through for some reason; it’s ideally suited as a great little shred spot for the upcoming locals. -Bud Stratford, Concrete Wave Magazine/Concrete Disciples, April 2017