Bisbee Skatepark, Bisbee, AZ, USA

The Bisbee Skatepark is a bit of an oddity. It’s a concrete street-obstacle park that appears to have been designed and built by BMXers. It has no real flow to it; you begin at one end of the park, hit some blocks and benches, then turn around at the quarterpipes at the other end to skate back. The transitioned obstacles at the far end are super tight, extremely kinky, and barely skateable; it’s almost impossible to do a trick on them, besides using them to launch you back to where you started (and they don’t even do that particularly well). The “street” ledges, however, are pretty fun and useful; there are even a couple of treasures here that you won’t find in most skateparks (square rails throughout, and the slightly transitioned manny pad that will launch you out into the ledge area). Overall, this park was clearly designed and built by a team of rank amateurs, and is filled with quirks and novelties. But if you’re already passing through to see the sights and sounds of Bisbee (an ex-mining-town turned super-fun tourist attraction), it’s well worth a quick stop, especially if ledges and blocks are your sort of thing. Be absolutely sure not to miss historic Erie St (in Lowell) and The Shady Dell RV Park for retro fun times….! -Bud Stratford, Everything Skateboarding/Concrete Disciples. Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.