Edge Skate Park - Redmond

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Edge Skate Park - Redmond

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Edge Skate Park
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Purkiss-Rose - Original section


8420 161st Avenue NE
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Take 520 east from Seattle/ or 405 hwy., get off where the freeway used to end, one exit passed Marymoore park. Take a left at the offramp light and stay on the same road until you get to 168th. Make a right then it's on the next block on your right. Make a right just before the park to get a good parking spot. Get your board out and go SKATE!!!
Located at the corner of NE 83 Street and 161st Avenue NE, Edge Skate Park features all the ramps and rails you’ll want to drop into, plus an active graffiti wall sponsored by the City of Redmond. Adding to the ease of use, Edge Skate Park is located close to a Metro Bus Park and Ride with Rider Kiosk.


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Well it's finished finally, but not yet open, there is still tons of sand everywhere, so you could skate it but I don't recommend it if you value your bearings. Although it's still not a very good park, it is about 100% better than it was. The new bowl and ditch look like the most fun. Half of it has Noping and the other side has enough of a ledge that you can grind, but i have a feeling that after a while it will get chewed to shit, so it seems like a mistake to not at least have the noping go all around it, but oh well. It's about 5-6 feet and goes down to about 3 feet it has pretty decent trannies. the other bowl (next to the old one and the slug) looks ok, but it has huge mellow trannies and it's kind of uphill, it's about 5 feet. then they fixed the pyramid so it's actually usable, added a handrail next to the old stairs that were already there, and a couple ledges around the park. The other big new addition is a kiddie section, which looks worthless for anybody except little kids, but that is a good thing so they will stay out of the way. Anyway I've included some photos (relax i kept them as small as i could, I'll send Bob the larger ones to put on sleestak) so you can judge it for yourselves. Overall I think it looks pretty fun if you live nearby or you're stuck in Redmond, but not really worth the drive if you're from outside the Eastside, well maybe at least once. -Solo66burn (3/30/2002)

Update 2001 - The snake run bowl thing is being made and should improve this park considerably. Still it'll only be good enough for beginers to intermediate riding.

It's free, concrete, and outdoor. Initially, this park made me extremely pissed off! I mean how can anyone say they put the sport of skateboarding into the premier focus of the civic leaders and come out with this? The terrain is boring and offers no challenges except to stay alive. The pyramid is super tight, the walls have little to no transition to speak of, the coping sticks out on the small end of the bowl, the lump arm thingy sucks since you can't get a good angle on it, ...etc.. But hey we got beautiful interlaced brick walkway's and nicely landscaped mounds to sit on and watch the little monkey's on their toy's from. What was supposed to come first here? Skateboarding or picknicking? Obviously picknicking won out. Someday, someone will let skaters build a park and it will be SICK!!! Oh wait , they already did that at Burnside! And they got a real skatepark!

Well anyhow, its still worth riding a couple times. The only thing that got me cooled off of my fury was some wise words from a bigtime skateboarder about this might actually help skateboarding by not going overboard too fast too soon! Then having everyone give up because they can't ride the big terrain, then loosing the land because it would be more valuable as something else.


Edge Skate Park - Redmond
Edge Skate Park - Redmond
Edge Skate Park - Redmond
Edge Skate Park - Redmond
Edge Skate Park - Redmond


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Its an average concrete park without anything to good. Would I go out of my way to skate it? No.
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