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I was very excited going to Long Beach for the weekend. I planned on skating the park because I saw it on my last trip. When I arrived at the park there was a sign that stated that the park was closed due to misconduct. I was very disappointed. I went to go find some street spots but unfortunately skateboarding is frowned upon in the city of Long Beach and there are no skateboarding signs everywhere. In the parking lot right by the skatepark there is a no skateboarding sign. There was a yellow curb/ledge that I found right off the main drag but I was quickly told that I wasn't allowed to skate there (by many tourists who were annoyed by my presence) . It turns out you are not allowed to skate on the main drag. If you plan on going to Long Beach leave your board at home. The town is not skate friendly. I was also followed by a cop for a good amount of time. DON'T GO TO LONG BEACH!

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