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This park looks good in photos but left a lot to be desired once i was rolling around. Granted I was there super early, it was 36 degrees, and i didnt have much time to hang around but it didn't make me want to come back, or wish i had more time to skate. First thing helmet rule in effect, and cops must have rolled by about 5 times while i was there. No one seemed to care i wasn't wearing one, but it keeps the fear of getting busted high and makes you dive for it any time you think the man is watching. The place is in bad need of repair. Tons of cracks, holes, chips, loose coping blocks, and a bunch of tile is falling out of the "pool". Then you have some real stupid ideas, roll in channel in the middle of a 4 tiered ledge, "giant balls / tiny cock" feature that is 2 giant blobs/wastes of cement and a pole jam thats put in a real unfortunate spot and hard to hit. Flow bowl is too busy and not in a good way. Backyard amoeba looked great until i dropped in, the whole thing is poured downhill, and a bit too tight for the amount of hips they crammed in there. Unless the replaced the coping in there recently NO ONE skates this thing. Almost all the blocks had few if any marks on them, except a handful in the shallow. Something that looks untouched in a park thats been open for 6 years makes me think im not the only one not having fun here.
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