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This place had a lot of potential. 95% of the trannies here have vert on them. Even little 4ft bowled in stuff. The coping sticks out quite a bit too. I guess that's ok if you're into that type of park but it's not for everyone. It seems like they recently painted it too which causes a lot of glare and makes it slippery. The concrete work is pretty sketchy too. The bowls and even flat bottoms weren't poured or finished very well and there are seams, cracks, kinks, and uneven spots all over the park. There are some interesting lines here but this park really is for the seasoned pool/bowl rider with soft wheels that don't mind monster trucking over the obvious inconsistencies.

The street obstacles don't make much sense. After landing on one of the hips it's pointing you into the deep end of the bowl and if you try to skate the ledges you have less than 8ft to stop before you're thrown into some dirt and giant rocks. This is my first time riding a Grindline park. I'm hoping they aren't all like this. Seems like they dropped the ball on this one. It's almost like they tried to do too much. If you're driving across Texas and end up in the area consider going to Midland or Odessa. Those parks have more variety and light up at night. It's a good thing I'm not a permanent resident in San Angelo.
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