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Another Evergreen home run. This one has a lot more street stuff incorporated into the design, which is actually a little bit of a hinderance for their typical endless lines formula. The rail, ledge, and built in stairs in the shallow/small section kept getting in my way. You have some hubbas, ledges, stairs, and rails, oververt speed pocket, wedge gap, deep bowl about 7' with pool coping, spines, humps, bumps, launches, and various steel and cement edges / coping. The super mellow backyard bowl in the middle has cross cut hand done tile, and hand poured cement coping. Would have been super awesome if they threw a small 2 step birthday cake in the shallow, and a little death box somewhere. Local kids were nice. I noticed there were a bunch of holes in the finish and they said some maniac was coming by and hitting it with a hammer, but he got arrested. Also compared to the smooth as glass finish of browning and hernando, this one had some lumpy spots, couple of rough patches, a few kinks, and the hand poured coping in the small pool got a bit wavy in spots but nothing that would really cause you to have anything but a kickass fun time. Plan to stop here with a few hours to spare. I was here for 5 hours and still didnt want to leave.
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