Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs

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Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs

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Frank Hodge Skatepark
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Kora Construction


West Dr. and Pierson Blvd.
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Desert Hot Springs
From the Upland area head East on the 10 Freeway toward PalmSprings. Exit PALM DRIVE/GENE AUTRY TRAIL. Take left from freeway. Turn lefton PIERSON BLVD.. Turn right on WEST DRIVE park is on left hand side behind the city fire and police station. 11711 West Drive


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The park has a bowl that gets about six feet deep. The other parts of the bowl vary from three feet to six feet. Every wall in this freak bowl has a little bit of a different tranny. Some walls are quick while others are slower. Amazingly enough the bowl has a good flow. The coping is galvanized steel. The bowl has a spine that is roughly three feet high. Be advised that this area is very windy at times and there are often rocks and pebbles in the bowl. Take a broom to be safe. There is another section of the park that contains a small pyramid, some more tranny, a little but fun hip, a ledge, a rail and maybe a stair or two. It is possible to flow from the bowl to the other area. Most of the time the park is locked up, so you will have to jump the fence to skate. The park is unlocked at about two pm by a pad nanny. The nanny stays till about six pm then locks up again. Most of the locals come before the pad nanny or after the park is re-locked. Pads are required while nanny is on duty. When the nanny is gone anything goes. There is often all types of rolling stock in the park after six. There are restrooms in the park itself, however, they are always locked. Of course its a free park. Although this park is behind the police station, their presence at the park is non existent since they have bigger fish to fry.

Nice park, small, fun, small bowl with a nice spine. If you want to skate a fun spine do not miss it, otherwise head directly to Palm Springs.

- Matt B.

It is F Hot!

- Airrock


Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs
Frank Hodge Skatepark - Desert Hot Springs


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This skate park is very well built, however the skate park can get dangerous very quickly.

Please at least wear a helmet. (The sticker warning on the skateboard is actually True).

Please skateboard at the proper level of experience.

Only a mistake at this park can lead somebody to being in the hospital.

Blessedly the fire station & police station is located near by.

The coping does curve upward when riding into the bowl, however this is blessed & good because the skate park is built to last.

Please examine the skate park prior to skateboarding because the ramps can be slippery.

Any level of experience can enjoy the skate park.

Please be patient, smart and safe because other athletes do exist and may not be polite.

The covered picnic table is a blessed spot to rest from the exercise and from the heat.
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