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For what this place cost and you would expect something much better. A street plaza with a pretty bad layout, some head scratchers, and it all kinda flows downhill to a bike path. Almost all the transition is at the top of the park, facing uphill, and none of it has coping. They decided to put decorative brick strips across the park that have BIG caulk filled gaps on either side. Alot of these go right through the end of a ledge. 75% of the tranny has that mock brick texture, with smooth concrete strips every 10'. I don't know about you, but brick isn't on my list of things i think is really fun to skate. Maybe in a small section here or there but overall i don't dig it. Weird "art" pyramids with metal edges thrown in the middle, that are skateable(??) There are lots of buttery granite ledges, stairs, and high rails. The big quarter at the top of the park with granite top is a cool feature except its directly across from a ledge and grass. Worth it if you are real into street, but not something i would really spend more than 20 minutes skating. Skate down the bike path to the right, under MLK, and see just how gnarly the granite pyramid street spot is in real life.
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