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Park is closed Sundays though you can skate it until the cops arrive. The cops arrive if one of several citizens happens to notice that you are skating. If they don't call, then the cops won't chase you out. The whole property is closed to recreation on Sundays, so if you are kicked out then amuse yourself by calling the police on the kids at the playground, on any joggers, or on any tennis players. Just understand that your fellow sports enthusiasts have not kicked you out. The crusade against the park is fueled by a weak city council, the town's historical society, and a person who, for money, washes dogs and calls her business "hot diggity dog".

This woman fails to see skateboarding's good qualities. Skaters worked with the city for over 20 years to get this park, skaters travel, skaters use technology, skateboarding is an american invention... etc.
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