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Another really good evergreen park. This one has a little more street stuff scattered around the deck of the bowl, rail, hubbas, ledges, taco pocket, hips, gap and tiny quarter to double sided S curb. The bowl is really fun and has what you expect from evergreen. Tons of pump bumps, hips, and rollers to gets lots of speed and fly around the park. The tranny in the deep is a tad bit steep at the top at least compared to the rest of the mellow tranny in the park. There were a lot of cracks already starting to show, and the taco pocket was already severely chunked on the cement lip. There were also a few rough patches on some of the bumps and rollers, nothing that will send you flying but you do hear and feel it a bit when flying around the bowl. I would have liked it if the quarter/ curb combo was a little bigger and really completed the flow around the deck in both directions. If you go one direction it flows nicely. If you go the other way you are kinda forced to make a real hard right turn or hit the small stair set out of the park. It is a really fun and i would definitely recommend hitting it up if you are going to be anywhere near Detroit. The park has lots of tall trees nearby for shade and picnic tables/ bleachers to sit on.
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