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Massachusetts J jeff-g 1213
Hey! Don't go here!
The locals are horrible. No skatepark etiquette at all. You stand there waiting for your turn and as soon as you drop in you get snaked and have to bail on whatever you're doing. I had a kid tailwhip his scooter right into my front wheel and not only did he not apologize or even acknowledge the fact that he did it, he snaked my run and did it to me again!Finally after this kid almost getting hit twice after jumping out in front of my friend I told him, "dude, watch what your doing" He ran to the parking lot and got his older brother. Apparently the aim was for this guy to trounce me,but, I'm 28,6'2" and 230 lbs. So he promptly gathered his bros things and took off before he made it halfway across the lot. Punks at this park. Also, if you go on a bike, which are not allowed (Despite me supporting and donating to this thing, because of pegs, which is a whole lot of bull), be prepared to have all the parents gather around you and talk amongst themselves about how "the park their town is building isn't going to allow bikes". Also, whole size of the park is tiny. There is no flow to anything outside of the bowl. It's definately not meant to be pedaled. And that's how the town wanted it I suppose. It's good to discriminate against an entire class of your children I suppose. Builds character. But whatever, clearly I am bitter. This park is also next to a town feild and basketball courts and playground. So be prepped to have wandering children walk out into the middle of the park in front of you, because hey, it's ten feet from the swings, so it's an obvious good place for a 5 year old to run around in. I suppose. Skip it. If you feel the need, THE NEED to check it out go mid day during school. Maybe you'll be lucky and get a run in. Somebody needs to teach these kids how to use a park, because one of them is going to get hurt, and your all gonna lose your spot.
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