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I was attending a convention a few weekends back and managed to take a couple of trips to the skatepark, and I have to say, it certainly lives up to it's name "Extreme" in every sense of the word. You won't find anything amateur at this park aside from a small grinding ledge in the corner near the entrance, and the shallowest part of the bowl section near the entrance. The Fullpipe bowl is a MONSTER and will swallow you whole and spit you out bloody if you do it wrong. The park literally looks like someone stole it from southern California. It would be well to mention the park has received a FANTASTIC renovation job and now has a glorious bowl section and street section that hugs the entire back half of the park. The entire space of the park is almost as big as a football field, so there's lots to do with little to no worry of getting in someones way or being snaked on yourself. There's a wide variety of spots in the park for whatever your taste is, from casual/extreme tranny, casual/extreme park, to casual/extreme street. I will say that the street section is more so PARK street than STREET street.

So... overall I'd give this park a 9/10. I'd recommend this park to almost ANYONE except maybe for little kids that aren't familiar with such extreme terrain. Lights are on all night, it's free, no pad/helmet rules, locals, for the most part, are nice, and the layout is incredible. The few things I have to complain about are: 1. Around the edges of the park are totally littered with trash. 2. The bathrooms are literally on site in the park, which WOULD be pleasant, if not for the fact that they are locked due to homeless problems.

I'll say this now, my words cannot accurately describe how gnarly and incredible this skatepark truly is. It's definitely a must see.
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