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This park is good if you are a 17 year old resident of Carmel and you are not interested in riding transition at all. Also, if you don't like quarterpipes over 2 feet high then you will be stoked because there ain't none of that stuff here. Need to void? Fear not for your gear. Those with cues 9 inches wide or smaller can use the skate lockers. Boards over 9 will not fit in the locker but it doesn't matter because no kid skating Carmel will want to steal or ride any deck over 7.75.

The bowl is an example of why we must not trust the government. If found while street skating this bowl would be a fun diversion. To see it built, intentionally, at a skatepark and at public expense while skaters and shop owners stood by leads to question my own sanity as, surely, that many informed and caring people could not be so stupid. This "Bowl" features a 3 ft shallow that sits uphill from a 6 ft deep end. Both feature 9 ft transitions (yes, I said both). the shallow corners are so mellow that they are banked. Coping enthusiasts will love the sunken in 1 inch aluminum tube that encircles this gnarly pit.

This park was so stupid that it was just funny. So much potential, the rest of the rec center is amazing. They have 10 ft tall basketball hoops which means that the city has people who actually respect basic standards of specific sports. How they got this awful little bowl is beyond understandable. It won't flood, no sir, the huge sunken drain ensures that this bowl will empty in the worst monsoon.

If you left Kokomo after being pitched off one of its many kinked walls, you might stop at Carmel to see exercising women, use the bathroom, and stretch your legs before heading to the startling perfection that is Bloomington.
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