Rampworx Skatepark - Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Rampworx Skatepark - Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Rampworx Skatepark
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70000 square feet.
Opening Date
December 01, 1997
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  • Open
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Joys Cafe is in house for good eating Rampworx Skatepark Liverpool was established in 1997 by Ian Robinson and Rob Godfrey.
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1-3 Leckwith Road
Postal Code
L30 6UE


Phone Number
+44 (0)151 530 1500
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Some Descriptions from their website:


Main Room

Our main skatepark area is 30,000 square feet of Ramp space! This area has a huge variety of obstacles and ramps to fit the needs of any rider, from 1st time users to the worlds best Pro’s. This are is split up into 3 main sections. A jump box section which is favoured by the BMX riders to get some serious height and transfers. The main stretch which features a Step up, Flatbank and Funbox then a Street section which is for all you guys that love to grind!

STREET PLAZA Rampworx Skatepark has opened a 15,000 square foot extension onto our current skatepark in Liverpool. This extension has increased the size of Rampworx to 70,000 square foot cementing it as the biggest skatepark in the UK. Our brand NEW Street Plaza has being constructed by some of the best ramp builders on the planet! We flew specialist skatepark designers in from America (that have built X-Games courses and Woodward’s) to collaborate with our design team to give you the best skatepark possible. No expense has beens spared on building this NEW extension, we have used the best materials possible and the best design team on the planet!!

This Street Plaza at Rampworx Skatepark has everything you need to have a sick session with your friends. From wall rides to A-Boxes and drop ledges, we have it all. We even have a mini jump box section allowing you to perfect your trips before you take it to the big ramps, or just have a fun session!

RESI RAMP Scared to send a trick straight to wood? We have got you covered with the ultimate training box and quarter! The Resi ramp is built up of a foam underlay to reduce shock and a rubber/plastic top layer to allow you to ride out smoothly. Dont worry if you dont nail your trick first time around, you're falling on a much softer landing than wood!

Once you have perfected your tricks on the Resi you are ready to take it to wood! We have a mirror image transition next to the Resi coming from the EXACT same take off so you can practice your tricks in the same conditions and ramp.

BOWL The infamous Rampworx bowl is one of the largest bowls in the United Kingdom. The bowl itself is split up into 3 different heights. The smallest part of the bowl is 5ft heigh which is perfect for those of you that are just starting out or fancy a nice chilled session. The middle section of the bowl is 7ft high and is more of the intermediate section of the bowl for those of you that need that little be extra ramp to use. And the final section is 9ft high with 1 foot of vert for all of you guys that want to try catch some air.

Make sure when you are using the bowl to not take too long on your run, be considerate of the other riders around you.

Only one person should use this ramp at a time to avoid any accidents.

MINI SECTION The mini section at Rampworx Skatepark is a new riders dream! Although we have a variety of street obstacles from Flat Rails to wall rides for experienced riders, the obstacles in this section are much smaller which makes it perfect for those riders that are also just starting out. For newbies to pro riders, this section is SO fun because of our unique pump track! Humps for days with nice bowl corners to blast around as fast as you can! Time trials with your friends or cruising around it is so fun! Our mini spine and mini half pipe are a huge favourite! Please note that this section has a huge amount of possible lines so sometimes riders can cross sections, so be sure to keep an eye out for others using the skatepark.


Rampworx Skatepark - Liverpool, United Kingdom
Rampworx Skatepark - Liverpool, United Kingdom


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