Guajataka Ditch - Guajataka Lake, Puerto Rico

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Guajataka Ditch - Guajataka Lake, Puerto Rico


Guajataka Lake
Take Highway 22 from the City of San Juan towards the West. Continueon Highway 2 west and get off on the town of Quebradillas, (about one hour and 15 minutesfrom San Juan). This coastal town also happens to have some of the best surf breaks onthe Island and is home to the point breaks like Puerto Hermina, and Noli's Point. TakeState Road # 113 heading south towards Guajataka Lake from the town of Quebradillas. Follow Hwy 113 until you get to the Guajataka Lake 20 minutes later. Look to your right as you cross over the reservoir road and you can't miss the giant ditch.

This gargantuan concrete ditch is actually the spillway for the Guajataka
Lake in case it ever overflows (which has never happened yet). You got to see it and
ride it to appreciate the size of this place and the fun factor of riding it. This place
has been popular since the 1970s and one of the very first sites on the Island where
skateboarding was born and developed. This place has an extensive local history... Walls
are more than 50 feet of concrete at a 45 degree slant. The ditch goes downhill for
about 200 meters and offers a variety of angles and increasing incline. Best to ride
with a downhill mid-size board or a standard board with softer park rider wheels. Local
crew, but light-hearted and no localist. Good parking area where you can see your car...
(make sure you lock it anyway). No Lights. Local food options nearby. Water activities
at the lake and incredible scenery. Hard to rate this place on a standard scale. This
place is on a scale of its own.


Guajataka Ditch - Guajataka Lake, Puerto Rico
Guajataka Ditch - Guajataka Lake, Puerto Rico


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