Tamarindo Beach Snakerun - Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Tamarindo Beach Snakerun - Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Tamarindo Beach Snakerun
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Here's a bad picture of the park in Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica. It's just a snake run that goes from 3' in the shallow to 5' in the middle section to 8' in the bowl at the end. There's a mix of steel coping, pool coping, and no coping. The deep bowl is very similar to the deep end at FDR in philly except it's a little wider and a little smoother. I happened to find this park after a travel agent booked my girl and I a trip to Costa Rica. I don't know if you want to include it in your listing, but anyone visiting Costa Rica might want to check this out. It's fun.


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This park is growing. It's not a great park by American standards, but it is a fun little park right by the beach. They were working on it the whole time I was there. Here are some new pictures so you can see the growth.
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Came to surf, but my son and I brought our boards and thought we'd venture down the lane from Witch's and hit the Snake Run. Once we found it (and we had to hunt a bit) we found kind of a crumbling, smallish concrete run in a small park up the dirt road from the main area. Crumbling is the main word, with loose concrete in the major transitions and steep (I mean steep) transitions to vert (6-8 feet deep with 2-3 feet of vert). Any comparison to FDR is merely the fact that the overall vibe is local ... the run is smooth in places, but hellish in others (not unlike FDR) ... we came, we rode (we sweated like pigs) ... we went back to the beach and chilled. Joe and the team at Witch's say Arenal is the place to skate ...
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