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My buddy and I came down to The Concrete Wave, at the time generally considered the best park in California (i.e., the world), circa 1978 with our Northern California longboards -- home-widened Trackers, Road Rider Sixes, etc. His board was a spoon-shaped cutaway that didn't even have a platform for his rear foot; he rode it in full tuck. We loosened our trucks and took that snake run by storm! Three months later one of the major boardmakers came out with a new model using the beveled bottom my buddy had invented for both our decks (ie, the strip down the middle where the trucks mounted was thicker for strength, then the bottom tapered up to about 3/8" thick at the edges for wheel clearance and to reduce weight). We had a blast and taught the SoCal pool-riders a couple new tricks! Thanks for the memory. -Scoobey
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