Aloha Skatetown – Agoura Hills

Quote from our old Bulletin Board (‘rogerdoct’ – 2004):
Aloha was a lot of fun… I lived and grew up in Malibu Lake. I worked at Aloha Skatetown for about a year. The snake run was awesome, the whale bowl was OK. The little kiddy runs kept the groms out of our way. I even lived in the back office of the park for a time. The after hours parties and skating were the best. Guy and my Wife Karen graduated from Agoura High School the same year. I am an alumni of the old “Indian Hills High School” in old Agoura across from the big indian statue on the hill. The term “High School” was quite fitting for the late 70’s if you know what I mean… I lived on slurpees, McDonalds and take out from Mario’s Italian Restaurant in those days. Goldstiens Deli was the place to go for breakfast!