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The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland

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The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Eric Jueden

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The Pipeline Skatepark
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May 28, 1977
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1777, West Arrow Highway, Upland, San Bernardino County, California, 91786, United States
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The Upland Pipeline is known to this day as being one of the gnarliest skateparks ever created. It had the first fullpipe made for skating that spilled into a 9-foot bowl. The in famous Combi-pool (A large square bowl connected to a large round bowl with a ridable shallow end and hip) saw tons of insane skating. It also contained a 'Monster Bowl' that was 15' deep that was at the bottom of a banked slalom course. 4 smaller beginner bowls that were the ends of little snake runs rounded out the skateboarding park. The 4  snake runs that were cut off were replaced by a dirt BMX track.

From the Guide to Western Skateboard Parks in 1978:
The Pipeline is definitely one of the most radical parks around, as several pros such as Wally Inouye or Stacy Peralta would probably attest. This was the first park to open with a ridable 20' diameter full pipe, and it has been the scene of some pretty outrageous maneuvers. The pipe is 40' long, and it empties into a 13' by 30' bowl with 3' of vertical wall. The pipe has controlled access so beginners and intermediates can use it at regular intervals during the day, as well as the advanced skaters.
The advanced slalom is 275' long and banked, and empties into 15' by 40' bowl with 5' of vertical. The slalom has a 2 percent grade for the first 50', and a 42 percent grade after that up to the mouth of the bowl. The backside of this bowl is actually slightly over vertical. As with the pipe, this is definitely an advanced run.
There are five snake runs which empty into bowls varying in depth from 4' to 10', a banked freestyle area 40' by 80', a 60' long banked kickturn area, and a 2' by 30' beginners' bowl. Of course, when you have an extremely popular skatepark on a couple of acres of land and another five acres in your backyard, growth is imminent. The Hoffman's immediate plans concern several pools with tile and coping, but with all that "leftover" land, and plenty of furtive minds seeking greater limits, there is bound to be more on the way.


A lifetime membership fee of $3.00 is required to skate at the Pipeline. You will receive a registered photo ID card, and skaters from out of state who purchase membership will receive two hours of free skating time.
Admission to the park is as follows:
Monday through Friday 2 p.m. to 6p.m. - $1.25 per hour 9 a.m.
Saturday and Sunday $1.25 per hour
Nightly - 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. $1.50 per hour
There is a one-hour minimum on skating time and sessions run continuously, so you can start skating as soon as you arrive. All required safety gear may be rented in the pro shop for 25 cents per item.


The pro shop carries a complete line of high-quality skateboarding equipment and accessories. The Pipeline also sponsors its own skateboarding team, and every Monday night an amateur slalom contest is held. Sign up is at 5:30 p.m., and the competition gets underway at 6 p.m. Prizes include free skate time and T-shirts, and "fresh talent" is always welcome. Just get ready for some stiff competition.
The snack bar carries pizza, burritos, ice cream, lemonade, and OJ, plus the usual assortment of snacks and soft drinks. There are several good family restaurants in the area if you are looking for a bigger meal. A patio area is being developed, and spectators can checkout the action up close as you can walk all through the park on special paths. (Suffice it to say, the biggest crowd is always at the base of the pipe.) The game arcade features 40 machines, including pin- ball, foosball, and video games.


The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Sims Skateboards ad 1978 @ Upland Pipeline
Steve Alba - Santa Cruz Ad in Thrasher 1989, The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland
Chris Miller - Billibong Ad in Thrasher 1989, The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Neil Blender
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Duane Peters
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Steve Steadham
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Eric Nash
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Micke Alba
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Micke Alba
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Micke Alba
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Frank Blood
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Christian Hosoi
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Lester Kasai
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Mark Gator Rogowski
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Jeff Grosso
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Neil Blender
The Pipeline Skatepark - Upland - Eric Jueden


The Pipeline Skatepark w/ Jeff Grosso, Eric Nash, Tim Galvan, Upland1987
Chris Miller Upland Pipeline Slam
1985 Rage in the Badlands part 2 of 5
1985 Rage in the Badlands part 1 of 5
Micke Alba Destroying the Combi. The Pipeline, Upland 1987
Adrian Demain skates Upland Pipeline 1983


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This was the first skatepark I ever went to. I learned a lot their over the years. It was gnarly, but it was fun. First time and membership acquired in 1983 and I skated it until the destruction.
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