Albany NY Skatepark

They had to build this pretty big park for only $200K. So what we got was a really wide quarter pipe (with some features), some rails, stairs, hubbas and a big manny pad. They saved money by keeping the old tennis court surface, which is has a pretty rough surface. Misiano did a nice job with the build, the ‘crete they put down is nice and smooth, but going from rough to smooth surface is weird. This a very unique park in that it really lacks continuous flow, as you lose all your speed as you go back up the hill. So it’s more of an out-and-back type of park. Going over the “A-hole” is a cool obstacle. There’s rumors of this only being Phase 1, which hopefully is true because this park definitely needs more work for it to be on par with the typical skatepark being built in 2017. Check out the video for a complete overview.