Favorite Skateparks of Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez 5 favorite Skateparks

This park is very mellow and smooth. Its a real fun place to learn tricks and just roll around. It has a round bowl connected to a square bowl with a 6 ft spine, and a nice little flow area.

Montclair skatepark, Montclair CA.

Josh Rodriguez frontside boneless @ Vans Skatepark in Orange CA.

2) Vans Skatepark, Orange CA. – With the new combi pool made this place has become one of the funnest places to skate. The concrete is so smooth, you can do whatever you want in there.

Josh Rodriguez frontside air @ the Upland CA. Skatepark

3) Upland Skatepark, Upland CA. – This park is where you wanna come if you like to flow, go fast, high, and down to ride a full pipe. It also has a pretty nice street area.

4) Glendale Verdugo Skatepark, Glendale CA. – This park has a super fun snake run, a cool kidney pool and a pretty god size tri bowl with an oververt round wall. Its in a park surrounded by a bunch of trees. One place to come to for a fun sesh.

5) Cunningham Regional Skate Park, San Jose CA. – This park has everything! Its very smooth and big. It has a nice sized peanut shaped pool, a real big pipe snake run that is fun to blast airs and go fast in, the street and flow area is nice and big, there’s another flow area with a cradle and a sphere lookin thing with a big vert wall and a clam shell and there’s also a nice little pool next to it.

Montclair skatepark, Montclair CA.
My all time favorite park would have to be Montclair skatepark. Everything I know I’ve learned from there.. It’s my 2nd home.