Outsiders Profile – Bamboo Skateboards

Outsiders Profile - Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skates has been kicking out bamboo decks for 5 years now. I first noticed them about 4 years ago and saw a beautiful board and really awesome pricing on their decks. I thought I would try to put a few in our skateshop knowing it would be a tough sell as nobody I know (except for one guy) rides anything but maple wood decks. To make a long story short I noticed that they are surviving and making some changes which are probably for better constructed decks.  I want to help get the word out because they offer many things most skaters like; as in less pollution in manufacturing, stronger decks, lower price decks. This mini interview is the tip of the iceberg. If your interested in finding out more please visit their website and read on. Their website is www.bambooskateboards.com

When was your company established?

2008 was our official launch at ASR but technically we had started in the tail end of 2007 with the R&D phase.

Is there any kind of motto your company is based off of?

Not anything in particular but we’ve used some slogans in the past such as “Skate Green”, “God save the green”,  “Rock the boo” , “Stay grassy” and “Don’t be a beaver”, etc.

Who is the owner(s) of your company?

Wyatt Gregson, (CEO), Geoff Koboldt (COO) and Mark Gregson

How come you started this company?

Ultimately to change the paradigm in the industry from maple deforestation to sustainable bamboo.  With over 6 million skateboards produced annually, skateboarding is a major contributor to deforestation.  As environmentalists, we wanted to do our part for the planet.

Where is your company based out of?

Oceanside, CA.

Zack Whyel - Pilot for Bamboo Lumber

Zack Whyel – Pilot for Bamboo Lumber

How has your company changed since it was started?

Our original plan was built around being an OEM, but sub-branding our name.  Towards that end, every single one of our skateboards has a laser-etched “B” over the truck holes.   Over time, we realized how important it is to build a strong brand while still maintaining the sub-branding for those that we produce decks for.   Since then we’ve worked hard to build great relationships selling to shops and distributors, online and to other eco-focused brands who have embraced bamboo.

What products are you offering skateboarders?

Short decks in the range of 7.5”-8.5”, as well as our 10” pool deck.  These all have a medium-deep concave.  We also have longboards in the range of 32” locker cruisers, 39” square tails, 40 and 41” drop throughs, 42” double kicks and 44” pintails.  We also have a 6” retro mini.   We just launched a new line of eco-friendly shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

Have you tried any other more renewable resources besides bamboo for decks?
Yes, we have worked with hemp.  Unfortunately, the cost to benefit analysis concluded that we wouldn’t run with it.  As for our longboard wheels, we are using 20% corn, which displaces some of the petroleum in traditional urethane wheels.

Who are your team riders?
Zack Whyel, Alex Collias, Osei Key

Outsiders Profile - Bamboo Skateboards

Outsiders Profile – Bamboo Skateboards

Look for the Logo in a shop near you! (We also carry some Bamboo Decks in our Shop.)

You just raised $15,000 with your indie gogo campaign, how do you go about changing the industry to bamboo?

Now that we’ve exceeded our goal, we’ll start working on finalizing our brilliant marketing campaign for spring 2014.   We’re confident that the momentum we’ve already built from the Indiegogo campaign will continue to raise awareness and attract those skaters who want to do what’s right for our planet; especially with a younger generation who are much more conscious than prior generations.  Ultimately, it is one deck at a time.   Those that skate bamboo often love it and are amazed that the POP allows for such higher airs and control.  From there, it’s that 1 skater telling his friends and it just keeps growing and growing.  Simultaneously, our presence at all the major trade shows and events where our team is competing will further gains us more credibility.

What are your companies hopes for the future?

Short-term is to continue with global expansion and compete with the big dogs.

Long-term, we hope that we can look back on the history of skateboarding one day and feel proud of the fact that we inspired people to be environmentally and socially conscious. This is our legacy.