Q) When was your company established?
We started GreenIssue in 2007.

Q) Who is the owner of your company?
Paul Wisniewski is the principal right now.

Q) How come you started this company?
The name GreenIssue is taken from the olive GREEN standard ISSUE fatigues worn by militants throughout history. We wanted to take that militant attitude and inspire people to stand up for what they believe in, give back to the community and to support the shops parks and companies that support skateboarding. We want to be a positive influence in skateboarding, promote free thinking, put out the best products and provide the best customer support.

Q) Where is your company based out of?
GreenIssue is based out of Carlsbad, CA.

Q) How has your company changed since it was started?
We really have not changed that much since we started besides the growth that we are experiencing. Our direction remains the same.

Q) What products are you offering?
We have shapes from 7.75- 8.5 and will be adding a few bigger boards and old school shapes & cruisers as we have been getting quite a few requests. We also have a line of Tees, Hoodies, Jackets and caps.

Q) What is the #1 charity you have donated proceeds to so far?
We do a ton with Grind for Life by giving products for their events and volunteering for them. We have also been able to donate hundreds of dollars to the Red Cross Haiti relief thanks to all of the people who have purchased our Haiti relief Tee.

Q) Who are your team riders and what are their qualities you liked to bring them on board Green Issue?
Our team right now includes Jordan Richter, Evandro “Mancha” Menezes from Brasil, Derek Krasauskas on the east coast, Paul Wisniewski & Del Mar Skate Ranch Legend Owen Nieder. It’s more of a family than a team, we all skate together, travel together and back the vibe and direction of GreenIssue. We are also working on the addition of a few select Pro and AM riders to round things out.

Q) How tough is it to get recognition for your company?
It’s a challenge for sure. We have great products, in fact we use the same wood and the same Tee shirt blanks as as many of the top brands but we do not have the marketing budgets to put our message out there in the same ways. This forces us to be more creative and think of different ways to communicate our message. GreenIssue is a skater owned company so a lot of the recognition that we get is from all of us just going skating, shooting photos,/video and meeting people. We are set for slow solid growth, we know we gotta pay our dues.

Q) What are your company’s hopes for the future?
We’d like to get to the point where we could help support shops, parks, events and riders by investing back into skateboarding and our communities.

Q) Is there any kind of motto your company is based off of?
“Stand For Something” is our call to arms, so to speak. It’s about getting off your ass and speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe. Skateboarding has always been made up of free thinkers, punks and militants, we want to keep that alive.

Q) What’s the best part of the experience been?
Writing the Check to the Red Cross made me feel like we are on the right path & are able to play a part in making a difference. Also, having skaters that I have looked up to since I was a kid and some of the top pros in the world tell me they are feeling what GI is all about is real solid.

Q) What’s the worst experience been?
I really can’t say I’ve had a worst experience, you know there are ups and downs every day but there is a true satisfaction when you are doing something that you love, so you tend to take a lot in stride. If I had to pick one thing, it would be trying to deal with vendors that do not have the same level of passion for what you are doing and miss deadlines.

Q) What’s the funniest experience been?
Haven’t had too much go down on the comedy front… most of the funny stuff happens when we are out skating.