The Bruvado Backyard Bash

bruvadoBruvado Imports

Mike DeFord

548 Market St #65375
San Francisco, CA 94104


Bruvado Backyard Bash and Skate Jam and Launch Party set for Sept.
3rd, 2011 beginning @ 1:00 PM and ending ????


San Francisco, CA – A brand owned and managed by long time surfers and skaters, Bruvado is a new alcohol product launching across the country in the coming weeks. Celebrating their launch with what is sure to become an annual event, the Bruvado Backyard Bash. 

The event will take part at the legendary Player’s Bowl in downtown Huntington Beach, CA. Not a contest, simply a party complete with: skating, music, food and of course the new Bruvado alcohol being served. Some of the best known skaters, both new and old school (including the legendary Daggers) will be on hand throwing it down in the Player’s Backyard Bowl. “We are a company made up of long time skaters and surfers. As we started preparing for our launch one of the most important things on the list was to support our passions, supporting riders and events and have a little bit of fun while doing it;” states Mike DeFord, VP of Marketing. Having fun is on tap Saturday, September 3rd with the Bruvado Backyard Bash. DeFord continued, “We are using this first event to showcase our team of skaters and to show the market what we have to offer, a product package that has 5 premium Mexican beers and a bottle containing 5 shots of either 100% agave tequila or Kentucky bourbon for $12; 5 beers and 5 shots, 1 box.”

 Want to go? We thought you might. Offered exclusively to Juice readers and visitors to Concrete Disciples; send a skate related Tweet to Bruvado at @Bruvado_Imports before September 1. A handful of lucky people will get an invite, though to be eligible you must be 21 years of age. For further information please contact Rick Franz and/or Ken Hope at Staircase Marketing at 714-371-7548 who have been an integral part in assisting Bruvado to make this event a reality.