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Pro-tec Qualifiers 2011

This year there were so many people who wanted to skate the Pro-Tec and were good enough to do so that they re-instituted a qualifier before hand on Thursday and the top 8 get to join in the ranks of the pre-qualified for the main event. Here’s your latest batch of rippers! Don’t forget to tune into the live webcast on Vans –

2011 Pro-Tec Pool Party Qualifying results:
1. Mike Owen
2. Michael O’Friel
3. Steve Piniero
4. Evandro Menezes
5. Daniel Cuenvo
6. Josh ‘SKREECH’ Sandoval
7. Mike Barnes
8. Brad McClain

#1 Ronnie Yerman
#2 Ben Johnson

1. Rob ‘SLUGGO’ Boyce
2. Jeff ‘FFEJ’ Hedges
3. Paul Wizniewski
4. Aaron Astorga
5. Jake Piasecki
6. Pat Black
7. Mike Rogers
8. Ken Fillion