Winners – Thomas Taylor 2nd, Bob Reynolds 1st, Mike Sinclair 3rd.

Ron Allen – FS Rock (left) – Mike Sinclair – folded

We had a record breaking turnout and a new participant took the title.

1 Bob Reynolds.
2 Thomas Taylor – Grant’s dad
3 Mike Sinclair DC
4 Ryan Clements – SPoT, DVS, create a skate
5 Tito – Team Pain
6 John Montesi – Westside Skate Shop
7 Kevin Coss
8 Bangs
8 BC
9 Donnie “the wizard” Hamilton – SPoT
9 Bruce Rodela – Caliskatz, Circle A
9 Mikey Rogers – Grind for Life

To get mentioned in the TOP 9, you had to have been voted by a competitor to be their top 1 or 2 favorite. And all the other fine participants, in no particiular order are Ron Allen, Tito, Roberto Cortes, Cleo Coney aka Mike Goodwine, Tony Pessina, Marty Ramos, Andre Barros, Beaver Eater, David Greif, John Ferguson, Tully, Ed Conte, Brett Keon, Robbie Booker, Andy Henry, Leonard Trubia, and Kevin Marks.

BEST beasd and name = Beaver Eater
Thanks for showing up = Brian Schaefer
OLDEST in the Jam = Ron Allen 45 y/o
Best Mustache = Tito
Hell on WHEELS = Tully

Thanks to SPoT, Rob Menorek for the photos, Thrasher, Justin @ Generator, Chris Klich, Michael Sieben, Toby @ Steaz, and Rob @ Bones for helping me make this happen.