Introducing Skateboard Nation

I’ve recently stumbled onto a new Youtube Channel, Skateboard Nation, that is definitely worth your time and consideration if you have any interest in the history of skateboarding.

Skateboard Nation

You have probably heard of Dave Andrecht, inventor of the Andrecht Handplant and recently inducted to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, well he was kicking around some ideas for the the older pro skaters to get more stories of skateboardings past out. He remembers as far back as the first El Gato Classic kicking around this idea and with other legends. But, seeing as how that was 5 years ago and nothing germinated and spawned from it, he came across Gregg Marte and they started working on a plan to do an online interview show.

One of Andrecht’s favorite episode so far, Dave Crabb from New Zealand

As far back as November of last 2021 it took form and between then and February they filmed and edited their first guest, George Orton (also in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame). They have been learning a lot along the way and you can see the videos are getting better and better. The first one they actually aired is Tony Magnusson and that was in April 2022. Now they’ve got 17 completed and ready for your eyes and ears.

The history is deep in each episode and you can really get a lot more insight into how skateboarding became what it is today. Check it out an follow their channel to see what’s in store down the road.