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Dew Tour- update II from Chris Miller

Dew Tour Bowl Complete
Dew Tour Bowl Complete

Dew Tour bowl- completed. Take a look at those grind marks…  Oh Yeah!

Breaking In The Bowl

Ok, so the consensus is the new Dew Tour bowl is great. But great can still be challenging to figure out and get used to. For me personally that meant taking a tumble on the grippy new concrete and  having to sit out the rest of the session nursing some bruised ribs. Oh well.. I guess you gotta pay to play!

As the day went on more and more lines were found for all. Standouts for the day were Pedro, Omar, Sky, Nolan Monroe and Rune. In the evening, for the final session of day I sat next to Pedro talking about lines while watching Zach Miller and Daniel Cardone skate. As they both started to make it click with very distinct but great styles, I realized the beauty of bowl skating is that every bowl is a unique puzzle with a unique solution for each person who rides it.

I have a feeling tomorrow we will see some guys really open things up. I can’t wait…
Chris Miller