Welcome Skateboards – Jackalope

Welcome Skateboards - Jackalope Deck

I received a board from a company called Welcome Skateboards about 2 months ago and since I was just getting back to skating after a broken kneecap it was my Welcome back to skating. First off I love square tail boards except for the fact that most of the square tail boards out there have 15inch wheelbases, are at least 8.5 if not wider, are long as hell, and made for fat old guys (no offense FOGs). Well I have always wondered where the hell the smaller square tails, my question has been answered. This board does measure out at 8.5in at its widest point but tapers after that point and it feels more like an 8.25in, with a wheelbase of 14.50 and length of 32in. The concave on this board is pretty mellow and if there was one thing that I would change would be to give it a little more concave. I love the graphics on this deck so all of you collectors can put one on the wall, and dream about all of your back in the day stories. By having this board on your wall you can tell your friends that you would rip on this deck except that you can’t risk getting injured Also how would your boss take it if you got hurt playing kids games, I mean come on. In case you haven’t heard of this guy named Nolan Johnson, he’s one the Welcome riders and he can ride a skateboard pretty good. I would actually love to see Nolan ride in a 1980’s contest because he does or has re-interpreted of the tricks from the 1980’s, except he does them better, higher, longer and crazier than any of the guys from the 80’s. I imagine that most of the pros from the 1980’s are glad that they didn’t have to skate against someone like him. I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone do disaster sweepers on the hip of the Combi at Vans other than Nolan maybe Ben Schroeder. Anyway the boards from Welcome are made out of quality wood done by guys who care about skating and aren’t out to get mass produced from China they just want to stay afloat and do what they love. Go buy a Welcome Skateboards deck and support the guys who are doing things for the love of skateboarding. www.welcomeskateboards.com