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Trust the Way – Video

Trusting that B-art would deliver another fine film, I was not disappointed. This new release focuses in on the Skater Made skateboarding team which pounds out a real supply of toughness, ripping and rampaging from top to bottom. Youngsters Odin and Julian tear into everything they come across. Carson , Ben DeAvies, and Todor go full tilt at wrecking everything and themselves to give you some eye candy and to obtain that always elusive personal glory. Gabe mixes the whole thing up with some spicy flow board riding that has to be seen to be believed. Bart and Skatermade friend’s and family close out the DVD which is mostly a collection of shorts B has produced the past couple of years.  This thing will keep you entertained! Watch it a few times and see different stuff each time. Look for subliminal and not so hard to see underlying messages about the vision of Skater Made. Check it!


Workin Hard! “I hope you got that!”

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The official Line:

Description : A team/brand ‘SKATER MADE’ DVD . Follow a team of individuals who embark on their own adventures in skateboarding.

Starring : Carson Cornett, Ben DeAvies, Todor Harizanov, Gabriel Sanchez, JulianTorres.
Co-Starring: Odin Saric, Bart Saric, Ben Brady, Friends and Family.
Music : Bad Brains, Meet Me At The Pub, Fist Of Fury, Skyman, Tha Conclusion, PRB13, ILL REPUTE, WORMROT, Oliver Cornsweet, THE SHRINE Plus Broham, Humble Soul, SLEEP, Crucial Infantry, Louichi Mayorga.

Available with board order, or $30 minimum purchase. Approx. running time : 60 minutes. (including bonus section)