The Seylynn Story

“Since 1978, Seylynn skatepark has remained a steadfast monument in a world of the disposable.”
My favorite DVD so far this year has to be this one “The Seylynn Story”. It is so true to skateboarding’s soul it nearly makes me shed a tear just thinking about it. This DVD really illustrates the life that has been going strong for 27 years at this one skatepark. It’s not over the top with interviews, or splashy graphics or marketing ploys. It’s just a solid mixture of history, story telling, and skateboarding fun rolled into one very good DVD package.

I have visited this park once myself and remember it well. It didn’t strike me as anything too special when I went in 95/96, but I had no knowledge about it’s history until this DVD came in the mail. Being built in 1978 makes this one of the oldest skateparks in North America, and the fact is, it is still giving skateboarders a good time. You can drive this long snake-run fast or slow, snap ollies over various hips, launch or carve the bottom bowl and try to swim back up stream to the top. It’s a good time spot with no hassles unlike many of todays new parks.

I truly enjoyed this DVD and I think anyone who has ever been there will too. I even think you might like it if you’ve never been there because of how pure the mixture of skateboarding is in it. What I mean by pure is it has soulfull carving, butt boarding, complete pro skater rippage, and beginner footage all put together and it shows the fun of skateboarding, the element most lacking from movies these days.

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