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Scavenger Skateboards Review

Scavenger Skateboards
Scavenger Skateboards

I’ve been doing product reviews for about a year and a half now, and this review has to be one of the most mysterious I’ve ever done. I got an email from Scavenger that was no more than a sentence long, and read something like, “We want a review, send us your address.” about a week after that I got a Mr. Clean box in the mail, but instead of opening it to find a mop it contained a deck and a t-shirt with matching graphics of a sketched little girl with a possessed look and a dismembered arm in her mouth. The package it came in had a markered in address from the inland empire which is known for hosting its fair share of underground skate companies.

This deck weighs in at 8.5 by 32.25, and is pretty lightweight for its size. The concave is pretty shallow, but has just enough to help you flip it around if that’s your thing.

I rode this deck in all sorts of terrain, and it work great all around. I’d definitely consider picking this deck up if you’re in the market for a good 8.5 popsicle stick.