S-One Helmets – Damager Review

The Damager and the Trian
Well as usual I am the ultimate slacker when it comes to getting product and writing a review of the product that I receive. Now I think that I actually received this package from S-One helmets about one year ago, yeah that’s right a year ago. Well we all know everyone has their opinions on helmet laws and I’m not going to address that at all in this review. I do think that people who say you are irresponsible for not wearing a helmet are all closet cops and should worry more about themselves than who wears a helmet. So stop complaining that you can’t get a turn in the bowl and stop acting like an F-ing cop. Anyways the helmets that I received from S-One came in two totally different styles.

The first one was called the Damager and was more of a standard helmet that felt like a Protec, except it was noticeably lighter. The lighter the helmet the more comfortable it is, so I would say that this is a definite plus, unless you prefer to be uncomfortable.

The second helmet they sent me was called the Train and had a more snug fit and felt like a bigger helmet. The sides and back of the helmet came down farther which made it feel a little bulkier than the first model that I tried. One of the great things about S-One helmets is the fact that they give you extra padding in the helmet box so when your old padding gets nasty you don’t have to buy a whole new helmet. You can also order these online and get the soft padding instead of that hard foam crap that they sell in the stores in California. Whether you wear a helmet or not one of these babies can get you out of a ticket when the man shows up at your local park. There is also a built in computer that lets you do air to fakies like Darren Navarette which is a huge bonus (this may be something that I made up).

So to wrap things up;
1. remember that skateboarding is not a team sport
2. If someone doesn’t want to wear a helmet stop trying to be their parents and mind your own business
3. At least once a year I see a kid wearing his helmet backwards because he doesn’t know any better and it’s funny.

The Damager and other S-One Helmets are available here in the Concrete Disciples store

If you contact S-One through their website they will actually get back to you. www.s-one.com